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Your intellectual property is the heart of your business. Protect it.

AKIRA IP is the intellectual property law practice of Constance F. Ramos. Constance specializes in helping companies realize the full value of their intellectual property assets -- the foundation of all technology trailblazers. She is a US registered patent attorney focusing on patent and trade secrets protection, as well as IP-centric deals, such as technology licensing, strategic alliances, joint development agreements and IP asset transfers, in a wide variety of computer-related and medical-related industries.


AKIRA IP: Intellectual property protection that’s clear, bright and intelligent.

Your cutting edge technology and intellectual property deserve top quality protection from a seasoned professional.  Constance was a partner of several major, US-based international law firms.  She is a PhD biophysicist, US patent attorney, and UK solicitor.  In addition to assisting clients with IP transactions – including IP due diligence, licensing, joint R&D agreements, and strategic alliances – Constance is also an experienced trial lawyer who has managed numerous IP litigation matters in federal district and appellate courts involving high technology intellectual property disputes.  


Share Your Protected Innovations For A Better World.

Solid intellectual property deals and strategic IP portfolio development are paramount to the ongoing success of your business and the benefits it brings to society.  Constance is committed to providing companies with strategic business solutions involving intellectual property and technology of all kinds.  

If you are looking for an attorney for your intellectual property matters, please give Constance a call, or drop her a line at constance@akira-ip.com.  She looks forward to hearing from you.


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